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List #397 - updated 1st March 2000

Track Time: Driver:
1. Warm Up14,97 Stikky [AA]
2. Flat Track17,57 SoGe [ahf]
3. Twin Peaks20,46 TuA [PRA]
4. Over and Under32,55 Sventurbo [MoA]
5. Uphill Battle22,30 umiz [SAT]
6. Long Haul 39,97 psymorph [FM]
7. Hi-Flyer32,61 Nikke [EMT]
8. Tunnel Terror1:06,70 Dr.Luni [FM]
9. The Steppes14,72 Elbono
10. Islands in the Sky22,75 Omni [tLD]
11. Hill Legend19,40 TuA [PRA]
12. Loop-de-Loop20,50 JohnDoe [tLD]
13. Serpents Tale1:08,55 Omni [tLD]
14. New Wave1:37,69 psym0rph [FM]
15. Labyrinth1:00,05 umiz [SAT]
16. Spiral50:04 Garion [AA]
17. Turnaround II39,46 zeth [tLD]
18. Hangman17,13 Champi0N [PRA]
19. Slalom45,62 TuA [PRA]
20. Quick Round48,84 Sventurbo [MoA]
21. Ramp Frenzy59,36 BoBBo [PRA]
22. Precarious25,78 AnTTiM [HfK]
23. Circuitous28,15 psym0rph [Fed]
24. Shelf Life40,42 Omni [tLD]
25. Bounce Back54,22 Petri [SSC]
26. Headbanger49,69 Peddo [AA]
27. Animal Farm1:16,87 Ufo [FM]
28. Zig Zag1:04,16 zeth [tLD]
29. Labyrinth Pro2:40,65 loX [tLD]
30. Fruit in the Den1:04,50 Limpan [SAT]
31. Jaws1:01,17 Ntc [PRA]
32. Curvaceous32,94 TuA [PRA]
33. Double Trouble1:38,54 loX [tLD]
34. Framework41,53 BoBBo [PRA]
35. Enduro52,04 Mandel [PRA]
36. He He1:01,48 Limpan [SAT]
37. Freefall34,91 Tier [AAF]
38. Enigma II29,13 tobak [APP]
39. Expert System1:02,07 Mandel [PRA]
40. Tricks Abound55,48 Fulgore [FIN]
41. Hang Tight27,91 Limpan [SAT]
42. Apple Harvest1:56,40 Sventurbo [MoA]
Total Time:35:25,77Champi0N [PRA]

Across 1.0/1.1:
Track Time: Driver:
Fair Trial10:70 KarLiS [HC]
Slippery Slope14,16 SoGe [ahf]
The Turnaround22:76 Champi0N [PRA]
On Top24:19 KarLiS [HC]
The Enigma29,58 Tuska [MC]

To get your time here, send the state.dat file and replay file compressed to telling also the exact time of the drive. No bugs allowed.
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